Green Waste diversion programs are being adopted by cities across the U.S.

What would a lawn waste diversion program do for your city?


Elongate the life of your landfills
Up to 40% of landfill material is made up of recyclable tree waste. A diversion program could ultimately divert tens of thousands of tons of lawn waste to compost facilities.


Save money
Composting facilities charge significantly less per ton than landfills. Larger cities with ongoing diversion programs have seen savings in the millions of dollars.


Become a Green City
Demonstrably reduce your city’s overall carbon footprint and become a model municipality for others as a Green City, and close your waste loop.

XyloBags outperform starch bag alternatives sitting on the curb. The lignin in XyloBags helps maintain overall strength and water resistance, even when sitting outside. It is not until it reaches the compost pile that the bags begin to break down.


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